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Financial Reports

On this page please find our interactive XBRL files for download.

To view and copy the actual data you may want to direct yourself to the SEC website.

20110930.zip (10Q 30.09.2011)
20111231.zip (10Q 31.12.2011)
20120331.zip (10Q 31.03.2012)
20120630.zip (10K 30.06.2012)
20120930.zip (10Q 30.09.2012)
20121231.zip (10Q 31.12.2012)
20130331.zip (10Q 31.03.2013)
20130630.zip (10K 30.06.2013)
20130930.zip (10Q 30.09.2013)
sgbi-20131231_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.12.2013)
sgbi-20140331_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.03.2014)
sgbi-20140630_xbrl.zip (10K 30.06.2014)
sgbi-20140930_xbrl.zip (10Q 30.09.2014)
sgbi-20141231_pre.zip (10Q 31.12.2014)
sgbi-20150331_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.03.2015)
sgbi-20150630_xbrl.zip (10K 30.06.2015)
sgbi-20150930_xbrl.zip (10Q 30.09.2015)
sgbi-20151231_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.12.2015)
sgbi-20160331_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.03.2016)
sgbi-20160630_xbrl.zip (10K 30.06.2016)
sgbi-20160930_xbrl.zip (10Q 30.09.2016)
sgbi-20161231_xbrl.zip (10Q 31.12.2016)

Additional XBRL-Files will be uploaded as soon as they are available.