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Sangui BioTech International, Inc. ("SGBI") is a holding company the shares of which are being traded on the pink market. Its purpose is to provide financing and access to the capital markets for the enterprises of the Sangui group.

Journal of Wound Care August 2023:
Consensus Document

A new "International Consensus Document" is dealing with the various applications of "Topical Oxygene Therapies" in woundhealing. "Granulox" developed by Sangui and licenced to Mölnlycke, is given an extended review on pages 16,17 as stand-alone therapy, regarding the mode of application.

Release of Granulox® in the Middle East & Africa

Mölnlycke releases Granulox® in the Middle East & Africa

Richard Twomey; CEO of Mölnlycke:

Acquistion of SastoMed by Mölnlycke - future relation with Sangui

Interview with Michael Sander; Founder of SastoMed GmbH:

"Motivations and goals following the acquisition of SastoMed GmbH by the Mölnlycke Group"