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Sangui BioTech International, Inc. ("SGBI") is a holding company the shares of which are being traded on the OTCQB marketplace and the OTC markets of the Berlin and Hamburg-Hannover stock exchanges. Its purpose is to provide financing and access to the capital markets for the enterprises of the Sangui group. SGBI has been a reporting company since 2000 and is current in its filings with the SEC.

Release of Granulox® in the Middle East & Africa

Mölnlycke releases Granulox® in the Middle East & Africa

Richard Twomey; CEO of Mölnlycke:

Acquistion of SastoMed by Mölnlycke - future relation with Sangui

Interview with Michael Sander; Founder of SastoMed GmbH:

"Motivations and goals following the acquisition of SastoMed GmbH by the Mölnlycke Group"